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All original short stories or essays, poetry, or artwork may be submitted to the email address found on the Contact Page. Written content should be limited to 500 words or less. Images should be size compatible with WordPress (2 MB to 150 MB). For quickest submission, photographs may be texted to Corey Hatfield at 970.515.2236. Please include your desired tagline and how you would like your name to appear. Children may submit any of the above with parents’ approval.

Please, no politics, eschatology, or personal interpretations of events. This blog is intended to unite, not divide. Submissions will be selected and posted by blog moderators. Depending on the quantity of received content, there is a possibility that all submissions may not be posted.

Commenting on posts is not only welcome but highly encouraged. All comments will first be approved by blog moderators before they are made publicly visible.

Acceptable Submissions
  • Essays
  • Poetry
  • Photographs
  • Fiction
  • Artwork
  • Personal stories of encouragement
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