Teach Your Children Well: A Mother’s Day Rejoinder

“Hey, Mom, I’m working at an emergency shelter for homeless COVID-19 patients.” I was shocked to hear these words. I have to admit that my initial thoughts were, “What? Don’t put yourself at risk! Can’t you help people some other way?” But, thankfully, I held my tongue. I reminded myself that my daughter is an adult, makingContinue reading “Teach Your Children Well: A Mother’s Day Rejoinder”

Out of the Mouths of Babes…

Pascha came early for me on Holy Thursday as my toddler proclaimed the Paschal greeting, “Christ is Risen!” After disengaging from the life of the Church for several years and simply going through the motions, I was eager for Lent. I was ready to worship and pray in community, longing for Christ. Matthew is almostContinue reading “Out of the Mouths of Babes…”


Midnight.The wind weaves an arc of sound around and above me,leaf softly brushing against leaf.I sit cross legged on the warm drive anda rabbit hushes bynot three feet away,oblivious to the shine of the neighbor’s porch lighton my white skin.Another hurries across the lawninto the sheltering darkness of the garden.Small, chasing reminders of lifeinside theContinue reading “Rabbits”

From Bottomed Out to Giving Back

by Nicole Tschetter For those who don’t know, I have the privilege of working at Denver Rescue Mission; it’s the largest homeless shelter in Colorado. My first thought when COVID-19 hit Colorado was about the thousands of men, women and children we serve every day who don’t have the luxury to self-isolate in their ownContinue reading “From Bottomed Out to Giving Back”